Hi, I am
Matthew Cantelon

Things I do: develop software, ride bikes, and drink pop.

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IndieWeb Goals 2019

If you haven’t heard of the IndieWeb, it is the idea that people should be in control of and own the content they create.

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Blog posts are now licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

Good news! All blog posts are now licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Also, I have setup photo attribution for future posts.

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Gitlab Gated Pipeline

Continuing from my last post about how I setup my website, this digs specifically into multi environment roll-out with a manual gate on Gitlab CI.

My Multi-Repository CI/CD Pipeline

Two repositories to run my site. Two.

I really hate myself, I guess.

Read on to see how I can commit to either repository and have it compile and deploy to my VPS in less than a minute.

small - SHA2017 Junior CTF

SHA2017 Junior CTF is my first ever timed CTF and this is a writeup for my favourite challenge from the weekend.

This challenge has you exploit an input() in Python 2. The tricky part is that the input is multiplied by a string so you need to find a way to get the output of a file and still return a number to be multiplied.

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